Sunshine Station (Knoxville, TN) // Indie Folk


“Foot-stomping reverie entwines with psychedelic doses of unplugged folk. One eye embraces Appalachia and the other casts a gaze upon mind-expanding flower power approaches of years gone by.” — Tom Netherland, Bristol’s Herald Courier

“This is definitely barefoot, skirt-hitchin’ dirt floor jig dancin’ music.” — Modern Folk Music of America (Music Blog)

New folk played through vintage lace and tea stained gloves, this is flower-child beauty flirting with pop using strong punch vocals and catchy melody.” – WDVX 89.9 FM “Blue Plate Special”

The beats [are] often primal, the music wild and carefree, drawing as much from the natural beauty surrounding them as from the creative places within them all. — Steven Wildesmith, The Daily Times


In the Beginning, Sunshine Station met at a river house in the woods. The whiskey poured, and dogs weaved themselves between staggering legs. When the lights were dimmed, the music started, kicking up feet and swaying bodies. Hand drums appeared. Cigarettes and laughter thickened the air. People danced their fingers on the frets of their guitars as the bass rumbled, and voices were raised to the rafters. For a brief moment there was communion. An incarnation of the spirit of the mountains manifested in a palpable chord cascading through the suspension of a second. No pause for breathe. In that singular space, we became Sunshine Station.

Our Music: 

Hippie-vibed hand drums coupled with quirky finger picking guitar styles, swinging bass lines, and strong, operatic vocals creates an eerie and original neo-folk sound. Sunshine Station is psychedelic, whimsical, and nuanced. Their first self-titled full-length album takes its listeners through a journey of self-discovery. Sunshine Station travels down the Mississippi river then crosses on a path to Siddhartha. It’ll take you up a mountain to climb a staircases and invite you to taste the stars.



Zach Younger :: Guitar
Jen Parker :: Vocals
Ross Shapton :: Bass
Tim Massey :: Guitar/Vocals
Steve Cowie :: Percussion

LISTEN TO US ON 90.3 FM (during their ‘Locals Only’ show), 105.3 FM, 89.9 FM, and 106.1 FM (Sunday Chill)


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